Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have a friend who has experienced a terrible tragedy in her young little family. She is a young mother of a two year old girl and was two weeks away from delevering her second daughter, when the baby died inside her womb. They had to induce her and like adding insult to injury, she had to go through the pain of labor only to deliver a dead child.

I drove home from work today and cried all the way. I cannot imagine how devestating that must be. It's a personal tramua to a woman's body and then it's a tragedy to the family. I'm heartbroken for her.

I keep thinking about the Lord in this situation. He knew this was going to happen. He knew that child would never make it out alive. I can't help but wonder why, but I know there will be no answer for this. I just want to go and sit with her like Job's friends just sat with him. They spoke nothing for 7 days because Job's devestation was too great for words.

(Job 2:13 Then they sat on the ground with him for seven days and seven nights. No one said a word to him, because they saw how great his suffering was.)
I get that. Sometimes, in situations like this words just mess things up more. I've been devestated before in my own little heart, but pain like that...I've never known.

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