Friday, November 20, 2009

The Mauling

This morning I was mauled by six three year olds. It started when I was at home getting dressed for school. I have these long dangly silver earrings that I decided to wear to work and once I got to school every kid it the class wanted to touch them, but really, they don't end up touching them they end up touching all of my face and hair and glasses...
"Why you wear glasses?"
"I can never see you eyes!"
"You chewing gum?"
"I wanna see it!"
"Why you chewing gum?"
"What color is it?"
"Why you got them earrings?"
"Who gave them to you?"
"I wanna touch."

I was sitting in the "van" that we made out of large blocks with one child in my lap and the barrage happened so fast that I couldn't get up in time. By the time they were done I looked like I either just woke up or was, well, mauled by children as it were.

Then earlier i was sitting on the couch with the "I Love You Girl" when she grabbed my face in her hands and said "I love you!" and planted a kiss right on my lips. All I could do was think about the germs she was giving me but what was I gonna do? Nothing.

Yep. Mauled by children. It a good thing I like my job, because at the end of the day, I leave just as much a mess as they do.


Carol said...

I laughed out loud! You have such a way of describing things, that I can see and hear it so clearly. It's like peeking through a window. Thanks for cheering me up today!!

3GirlKnight said...

Glad you're enjoying your new job!

~**Dawn**~ said...

It is amazing how bedraggled you look at the end of a day working with children, isn't it??

Anonymous said...
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Andrea's Adventures said...

Pretty sure I would have wanted to touch your silver earrings, too.

... the kiss was a little bit too far, though... hopefully she won't still be doing that to her teachers in jr. high.

Susan Skitt said...

Love it! Danglely, shiny earrings are great (as a jeweler I must admit), but as a mom or caregiver of little ones, not so much... (smile)

Good to read about your day.

Hugs and hugs again!

Blessings and joy,