Thursday, January 21, 2010

The World According to Preschoolers

First things first at school today: "Teacher Colleen, what is that?" A little boy asks as he points to the floor. I look down. There is a brown smear across the floor and a brown round ball next to the end of the smear. "Uh, that looks like a poop! Ew!" I said. "Ew." He said. "Who did this? " I asked. "That must have fallen out of someone's pants." I said. Turns out it feel out of a diaper. Yay for preschool. :/

Playground Conversations: 3yr old boy: "Teacher Colleen, I play games with my Daddy's iPhone!" Me: "Oh that's fun. I don't have one of those. I don't know how to use it." 3yr. old boy: (Very matter of fact) "You really need an iPhone." .....Precocious little kid.

Cry Babies: There was one little boy who cried and wailed for an hour straight today. Finally one little girl said with very wide and shocked eyes: "Teacher Colleeeen! He's gonna cry his face off!!" (My thought? I hope he does.)


~**Dawn**~ said...

Holy crap! (Pardon the pun.) We demanded all children be potty trained before allowing them into our preschool program.

KenV (frmrly 3GK) said...

Ha! @ Dawn.

Long time no read Colleen!

I think children are designed to make or break adults. Sounds like you're making it. There should be an award or something!