Sunday, April 22, 2012

Playing with Swords

This morning my sweet husband was pretending to be fighting an invisible person with a butter knife in our living room.

In his underwear.

I was watching him move about our small living space, butter knife in hand, totally unamused.
Here is the conversation that ensued....

"I'm going to have so much fun playing with swords and our boys in our house!"
(Me) "You're not playing with swords in the house."
(Hubby) "Jesus had a sword coming out of his mouth. (Rev. 1:14) He used swords!"
"Yeah, well he didn't have a sword coming out of his mouth in his house."

Wife for the win.


Carol said...

I'm with Sean...only wrapping paper rolls are a better choice! That was one of my favorite things, playing pirate, that is. What a silly guy!

wedding-time said...

you have a fun and interesting life ~

Tobiah Steinmetz said...

Found this page by accident, and it's awesome! Keep praising God with your gifts!!

Roinitiative Lisaandphil said...

HI COLLEEN, you're an amazing writer!" And I would ask that you not have your husband use knives in the house ever again.