Friday, September 18, 2009

The dreams inside my head

I just had a nightmare of seismic proportions. In my nightmare my brother and sister were very little again, but I was the age I am now. We lived in a huge mansion and I was talking on the phone. This wasn't just any conversation though, oh no. It was a very important job interview and in the background all I can hear is shrieking and yelling. I keep running to different parts of the house, trying to hide from their loud horseplay but they keep managing to find me.

The thing was, I wanted to put my hand over the phone and scream my head off at them to shut up, but I couldn't, because it was job interview and I needed to remain totally composed. So I spent the whole dream running away from them and they spent the whole dream inadvertently following me with a trail of shrieking, screaming laughter.

It was miserable. I just woke up feeling anxious inside, that's why I say it was a nightmare.

It felt so real, like it was really happening to me. Then again, most of my dreams feel that way.

I know why I had that dream...and no, it's not a joking foretaste of Motherhood. (Although, I suppose it could have been.) The dream was my subconscious acting out the total lack of control that I have at the moment. I think something big is about to happen with the whole job thingy, but how it will play out I do not know, so here's to winging it...


~**Dawn**~ said...

I hate waking up anxious. I'm going to say an extra prayer for you that everything works out in just the way it should & that you will find peace.

Carol said...

I interpreted it the exact same way...loss of control..and that always feels scarey! That's when I try to force myself awake.