Thursday, August 13, 2009

God of All Things

I was thinking this morning about the Lord and wondering just how much he wants to be a part of everything we do. Everything Lord? Really? That's when this little poem came to me:

God of big things.
God of small things.
God of short things.
God of tall things.

God over the good things.
God over the bad.
God over the happy.
God over the sad.

God in the quite.
God in the loud.
God in the meek,
but not in the proud.

God in my doing.
God in my rest.
God in my worst.
God in my best.

God over the earth.
God over the sea.
God over you
and God over me.

God wants to be part of everything we do. No matter how big no matter how small, God wants to always be part of it all.


thisgirlsjourney said...

I just found your blog via Dawn's and I was thinking how I I agree with your post. I was saying to someone yesterday about how I asked friends to pray for two fairly big issues in my life (a broken tooth and a room mate) and how those prayers were answered and she was mocking me that God didn't care about such 'inconsequential' things. I stood firm and said "God loves me that much" with a smile. Isn't it a shame that not everyone has that revelation yet?

Colleen said...

That's awesome how those prayers were answered! Thanks for commenting :)