Sunday, July 12, 2009

If Only...

"I have craved and walked away in silence and I have learned to be free."

Heather Clark wrote those words as part of a song of worship she wrote to the Lord. I wonder on this hot summer night, what is it that you crave that you can either never get enough of or for whatever reason, you are continually denied?

"I have craved..." Yes, I have.

A long long time ago the Israelites had a craving and complained about it..."If only we had meat to eat!" They wailed to Moses, but up until this point the Lord had given them only Manna from Heaven to eat.

The Israelites where so selfish that they couldn't even see the blessing the Lord was continually pouring down on them from Heaven. They wanted more. So in their rebellion the Lord gave them what they wanted and his anger was kindled against them.

I do not share this story to shame those of you who simply desire this or that. I simply serve to caution and remind you (and myself) that we must always hold our desires up to the light of the Lord and check that our hearts are in the right place with regard to the things we crave or long for.

"I have craved and walked away in silence (not complaining)..." Have you?

So what is it you crave? Is it a child? Is it the job promotion that you are continually passed over for? Is it the loan you need on a new house that fell through? Is it a deeper relationship with your spouse or child? Or maybe you are lonely and simply crave a loving relationship with another human being? Or maybe your craving is birthed out a bondage to sin?

Oh if only we would lay our cravings before the alter of the Lord and allow him to consume or burn up that which He longs to have from us so that He may bring us more deeply to Himself. After all, He knows our needs and His hand is not to short to meet every one.

"I have craved and walked away in silence and I have learned to be free."

Amen. (So be it.)

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