Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Princess Abooty of Zanzibar

Princess Abooty of Zanzibar
Is the craziest princess I’ve met so far.
She lives in a tree house, on top of the trees.
On the Island of Kokalakachichi.
Whenever I visit we drink Zanzibar tea
And swing from the tree vines, just like a trapeze.
We drink out of coconuts and eat with our hands
And at night we do the Kokalaki Dance.
Sometimes we hop in her great big canoe
And sail around the island one time or two.
All of her guards are big, fat and tan.
They make me feel safe in the Zanzibar Clan.
But now it’s time to leave this land.
I’ll return here tomorrow as soon as I can.
The reason why I can get back here so fast,
Is ‘cause she’s in my head as I daydream in class.
Farewell Princess!
Till we meet again.
When I’m sitting in study hall
And doodling with my pen.

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