Monday, November 3, 2008

Is It??

Ironic that every Christmas Eve my family is always fighting with each other about getting into the car on time to get to my cousins house? So much for love and happiness!

Ironic that when I want to be left alone, everyone seems to want my attention?

Ironic that when I want to be around people, everyone is already busy?

Ironic that I said I would never love my mother's rabbit because I thought the purchase of her was stupid. Now when I go home to visit I always look forward to snuggle time with the "Fatso" bunny?

Ironic that I was always below average in English Comprehension all throughout growing up and now I want to be a writer?

Ironic that whenever I'm late, that always seems to be the perfect time to learn patience with slow drivers?

Ironic that once as a teenager I made fun of my Dad when he asked me to "drive careful" and I successfully managed to total the car that very same night?

Ironic that one April Fool's Day I told my best friend I was moving to England. Then 10 months later we actually were and I couldn't get her to believe me?

Ironic that I once wore a chicken costume as a joke for a friend and when I told my mother what I did, she had already done that as a girl?


~**Dawn**~ said...

That late one happens to me every.single.time I am running late for something.

Carol said...

caAh, you kill me....who is one of the major reasons for our getting out of the house late???? Hair??????

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Totally ironic :) Nah, just plain interesting!

Colleen said...

Dawn- Like I said, things that make you go Hmmmmm :) Or is it Grrrrrrrr!!

Mom- I plead no comment!

Susan- I suppose so ;-)