Friday, November 19, 2010

Things that rock my world

Man Scruff.
French Press Coffee.
My black Labrador, Lily.
Michael Jackson's song PYT
Peach Foaming Hand Scrub.
Mint lip balm.
Salted Chocolate.
Rock Climbing.
The colors pink and orange.(On me.)
The colors blue and green. (At home.)
Sliding between my white sheets with a heating pad at my feet.
Orange flavored water.
Heated car seats.
Light switch dimmers.
The sound of a fan lulling me to sleep.


Mega said...

I like this. My folks used to have a black lab and I made a decision long ago that I would have one of my own someday. What does "M.J's PYT" mean friend?

Colleen said...

Michael Jackson's song Pretty Young Thing. :)

Andrea's Adventures said...

love it. well, orange flavored water I'm not so sure about... but love the list! I may have to copy your idea soon.