Saturday, April 10, 2010

From Russia with Love

This spring, I have a new student in my classroom. He is from Russia and so are his parents. They have very typical Russian names and have very stereotypical Russian accents; even their little one does.

I, being the ever witty accent connoisseur was able to pick up rather quickly on their accent and since the little one has a good sense of humor, I talk to him in a Russian and he thinks it's hilarious.

Since I cannot convey the accent over computer you will just have to take my word for it. If Joseph is being mischievous and running around the classroom I say,

"Joseph! Yoo stup rrrunning naow or Motha RRRussia vill come get yoo!"

He bursts out laughing heartily like this, "Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!" I'm not joking. That's how he laughs, it's a riot. I've never heard anybody really laugh like that except for men dressed up as a santa clause and even then it's all a show.

I find that I quite enjoy talking like that with him. I wish I could do it all day. I was in the sandbox with him today. I was on my knees and he was sitting next to me, leaning into my waste when I said, "Joseph, do I sound like your mother when I talk like that? He smiled a sly smile and said in his deep little Russian voice, "Yeassss."

You gotta love them Russians.

I sure do.

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