Monday, February 22, 2010

Little Mouths Talk Big

On the Playground:

Child walks over to me and says in passing. "I've got medicine in my muscles." "Really? How is that?" I ask. "Well you see, I went to the doctor and they put two shots in this arm (points to his arm) and then they put one shot in this arm (points to his other arm) and now I have medicine in my muscles. So don't touch it."

Playing in the block area; a conversation between three boys:

Boy 1: "Hey Puppy-Puppy!"
Boy 2: "I'm not a puppy."
Boy 3: "He's not a puppy. He's a real boy."
Boy 1: "Hey Real Boy! Hey Real Boy!"

Boy and Girls

Boy looks at girl adoringly and asks "Will you be my wife?"
Girl looks at him and wrinkles up her face and says, "Your what?! What's that?" and walks off....

Big Talk, from Little Mouths (3 year old's to be exact)...

Child points to the artwork on the wall of the classroom and says to the other children, "This is called advertising."

Child is playing House with two other children and they cannot decide who is going to do what so the girl says, "We need to improvise."

Lunch Table:

"Oh No!" She said. "I spilled milk all over my brand new Target pants!"

Child points to the expensive ring on my finger that a friend bought for me from Spain and asks, "Is that your ring?" "Why yes it is, do you like it?" I asked expectantly. "No." She says flatly. "It's ugly."

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~**Dawn**~ said...

Sometimes, I know exactly how that little girl in "Boys and Girls" feels. ;-)