Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pirate Face

This is very bad. I have a bad habit of crawling into bed fully dressed and falling asleep in my clothes with the lights on and my contact lens stuck to my eyeball. Then sometime around, oh say 2am I wake up all cranky with myself for doing this and I stumble around my room with an eyeball glued shut like a pirate. I'm quite the prize at this hour of the night with mascara around my eyes, while I've got the pirate/bed head look going on. Unfortunately, I'm on the verge of falling into that scenario right now as I'm so very tired and I'm fully dressed, but already under my fluffy comforter. I don't even know if what I'm writing makes sense...but whatever.

Here's a bad haiku I'm going to make up right this second because I'm feeling delirious.

Nighttime, I'm not scared of the dark.
My imagination is a little on the wild side.
Still, closet doors must be closed.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I used to do that. But it's *so* bad for you. I made a rule for myself: no bed (not even lounging) before I wash my face & brush my teeth. On nights that I am just hanging out at home, I put on my jammies around 8 or so & wash my face. And as soon as I know I am done snacking on anything for the night, I floss & brush. Then I can just crawl into my bed whenever I want & it doesn't matter if I doze off.

Susan Skitt said...

Ha, I sometimes do the same, can't stand it when I do though. At least I don't wear contacts - lol - and I only wear my glasses when I drive so hopefully I won't be falling asleep doing that!!!