Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My roommate is at the kitchen counter on her laptop.
I am on the couch on my laptop.
We are not talking to each other.
I thought to myself, "If we weren't on our computers we'd probably be talking to each other right now."

Then I decided to ask her the question I was just thinking in my head.

"No." She said. "If I wasn't on the computer, I'd be in bed."

"Oh." I thought.

Well...so much for relationships.


AnnaMarlene said...

Well, its just that it is late and there is nothing in particular that we are talking about...you know how an time we have stayed up late talking about things...Ok I suck.

Warren Baldwin said...

Technology isn't always our friend, is it? It keeps us occupied, but not always in connection with other people. I'm amazed at how my kids will text a sibling or friend ... in the same room with them!

If you are the Colleen who visited Family Fountain and commented on the marriage poem, thank you.
Warren http://warrenbaldwin.blogspot.com/

~**Dawn**~ said...

I kinda want to giggle after reading her comment in reply.