Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a Thought...

Imagine if you found yourself scraping the bottom of the barrel for what's left of your life.
And it's only once you reach the very ugly dark bottom you feel something hard against your fingertips.
You pull it out only to find the most precious jewel hiding at the very bottom, just waiting for you to find.
But you never would have found it had the Lord not removed everything from your life and forced you to scrape the bottom of the barrel for it.

However...if you got to the bottom and found there was absolutely nothing left and you chose to worship the Lord of Glory anyway with empty hands lifted up; might you become the very jewel the Lord was looking for?

Such a jewel I wonder if He would want for His own crown.

Kinda makes a soul want to come up empty handed, doesn't it?


Adventurer w/o Borders said...

Pretty cool observation. I needed really to be reminded of that right now. Thanks.

Klay Kisses said...

Hello Colleen. I could have used this observation a long time ago. Just as well to read it now. Thank you for sharing this.

Colleen said...

Hi Sherry- Thanks for stopping by again. :)