Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Hyphenated Last Name

I went grammar school with a kid whose last name was Sonic-Schmeltz. What a name! I always felt bad for the kid. Who wants to grow up with a name like that, huh? Anyway, it sparked the idea for a most ridiculous poem, so here we go...again.

My last name has a first name
and a last name too.
My first and last name happens to be
Alexander- Farquinneu.
My friends think this is ridiculous
and I suppose this much is true.
But if you had two last names
wouldn't you be ridiculous too?
The problem doesn't end there
and this I'll tell you why
I happen to have 3 first names
Jed, Fred and Si.
If this wasn't enough to deal with
my parents bless their heart,
they only gave me one middle name
but alas that name is Pfart.


Susan Skitt said...

Funny. I see a future children's book or at least a nice little article somewhere. I'm not sure about the fart part (hee, hee), but kids love to say that word. Just ask my 7 year old!

Andrea's Adventures said...

it's like Shakespeare!