Friday, December 5, 2008

Weekend Away

Tonight I spent the evening running around the house with a three year old while we shot Nerf guns at each other and faked being dead. It was awesome. I wore that poor kid out.

Now it is disgustingly late and I am *still* awake because I'm packing to leave for this place for the weekend!! I can hardly wait! If it doesn't snow in the mountains this weekend, I think my bottom lip will seriously start to quiver as I'm bringing snow shoes with me and somebody is bringing sleds.

I haven't gone away or done anything interesting since August when I went home. No, not true, I was in Arizona on business in September, but that doesn't really count.


Also, totally ticked this evening because U.S. drivers seriously don't know the rules about who has the right of way in a round-a-bout...yield people!! (If you are in the round-a-bout, the drivers on the outside must give way!)

Okay, that's my beef.

Oh, one last thing....Word for the Weekend: "Jinkies!" As in Thelma from Scooby Doo. Jinkies is way cooler to say than "Wow." Wow is boring. Jinkies is weird and nobody uses it...yet, but they will ;)


Mega said...

You could always come on a trip to Chicago where I'd introduce you to some fantasic things like mustaches, dark sunglasses, polish sausage, Bears, and other Chicago Tough things.

I want to have a nerf gun war!

Colleen said...

Dan! That sounds like fun times! Dude, Nerf gun wars are the best, especially when played with little kids, you know? I had him belly laughing, and rightly so was I ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

I hope you had a fantastic time! I am so glad we don't have round-a-bouts in Florida. They have a difficult enough time just handling straight flat roads that all run parallel and perpendicular to one another. =P

Susan Skitt said...

Nerf wars are ongoing in this household of boys :)

Sounds like fun! And I think jinkies will catch on in a big way (hey, we love Scooby in these parts too!)