Monday, November 17, 2008

Weird words that I use and yes I am a grown-up.

I like to use weird words. Made up or otherwise. It's pretty ridiculous, but it always gets a laugh so how about I share some of the ridiculous, eh?

Interasante. But you have to say it kinda snob-like, through your nose. It just means 'interesting' in Spanish but when used appropriately in conversation it's hilarious and always throws people off. Now I've got my friends doing it. You should too.

Scumbuckety. It means worse than a scumbucket. OR something that is worse the gross.

Jinkies! This is always used with an exclamation point. No, I did not make this up. Thelma from Scooby Doo did and I love it.

A Phrase: "Don't be joshin my blumberg." I went to school with a kid who's name was Josh Blumberg. Then the phrase "Just joshing ya" came out in the mid-nineties or so and we just tacked on the rest of his name. I don't think this kid ever knew that his name was a household phrase used around our house. HA!

Wo-beast. It means a woman beast. A woman who is beastly hairy and needs to shave and wax her eyebrows.

Jerkburger- That's what I say under my breath when I'm mad at someone.

Shoo Shoo- Something that is extremely fancy. Like when I used to work at a spa.

Hoity Toity- This isn't mine either, but I like to say it about fancy stores or people.

Swanky- again, not mine but I use it a lot for things that look classy. Like shopping at J.Crew.

Nasty Beast- Uncouth men. As used in a sentence: "He was a nasty beast and I paid him no attention."

Goopalean- It means a knit cap. My Dad made that up eons ago and we still use it.

If anyone else has some weird wordage..feel free to share ;)

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