Sunday, November 16, 2008

One through Six

First of all, my hair smells like flowers and I can't stop smelling it.

Second, my legs are so sore from playing hours of flag football yesterday that I wish I could detach them from the hips and give myself a massage, but maybe that would be kinda weird.

Third, I'm working on one of the coolest books I've ever made. It's so cool I think I'm going to finally send it to Random House, or maybe Penguin Books and see if they will take it.

Fourth, I keep checking this website. I care about what these people are doing for the Lord a lot and I keep hoping to find a job that will fit me, but I can't. Maybe some things are just a pipe dream....(darn.)

Fifth, There are some things that I have been praying about and have been seeing the Lord work so kindly and faithfully within my heart and mind. I've done nothing save call out to Him for help and with His help I'm daily sanctified through His loving grace.

Sixth, I can't think of a sixth. Se Fini!

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