Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Thoughts in Random Stream

First thought into my head: I'm listening to the Bird and the Bee's version of "How deep is your love?"

Recently got my hairs all cut and hate it as per usual :(

It's exactly 12:09am as I write this.

Had a dream that I was Michelle Obama's assistant last night.

Night before I dreamt I was back in grammar school and I was being made fun of because I couldn't do an easy math problem and everyone was watching and laughing at me.

I have an on going guessing game with myself about how many emails I will have each morning.

I am going to Plain, Washington soon for a vacation weekend. Never been before, but the house is over 4,000sq. ft and I'm really looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, baking, snow shoeing, hot tubing, and tobogganing.

I HATE Ribs. However...the new McRib commercial has really got my attention lately because I'm a big fan of Matthew White's song on there. He's even in the commercial.

I haven't blogged in a week, but I continue to put a lot of stuff into my draft box.

For such a superficial post, I couldn't be travailing with more deeper concerns in my life right now. The likes of which actually aren't about me for once.

I have a lot of blogs that I really need to catch up on. Hi Everybody!

I have lots of nick names. The newest of which in "Neeny". It's an abbreviation of Colleenie. My friend's kid made it up. He's only 16 months and and it melts my heart to hear him call me that. Unfortunately my sister still calls me Bean Head.

Okay, I got my itchy thoughts out. I think I'll go to sleep now....

Oh and if you have any nick names, I'd be curious to know!


~**Dawn**~ said...

That song is stuck in my head now.

Nicknames: D. Sunshine. Dawny (this is the one I *hate* and my Gram was the only one ever allowed to call me that; she also used to call me Sweet Bug). And Nonny--my friend Nichole calls me this; it came about when when of my daycare babies, many moons ago, couldn't say Dawn so she called me Nonny. (The girl I worked with, Kristin, was Kickin. Kickin & Nonny. Ha!!)

Colleen said...

I like D. and what your Gram used to call you too. Actually, they are all pretty cute nick names :)

Mega said...


-Skinny D
-Dan Dan Rubberman
-Dan Dan Garbageman
-hey you

Carol said...

You 'ramble' beautifully!!