Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random Musings

I’m in the airport again. I love the airport. I love people watching. I love watching the plans take off. I even get dressed up for the occasion. I never look like a slob when I go to the airport. That’s just a Colleen Never.

I'm observing two young Asian business men who are eating their scrambled eggs with chopsticks. At first I thought that was odd. But then when I really thought about it, I figured why not.

It is so dark out because the sun has not yet risen. It could be eight o’clock at night, but it’s not. It’s 6:15 in the morning and I’ve had the hiccups since before I went to bed four hours ago.

I’ve got an Earl Grey and a croissant for breakfast here. I’m tempted to ask those Asian guys if I could borrow their chop sticks for a bite of egg but I don’t think that would go over very well…

I’m off to Phoenix on business. Probably for the last time in a very long time. The weather is supposed to be in the hundreds and I can’t wait.

The last time I went I got to see some of the Grand Canyon. However this time I think it will be a little more low-key. Then as soon as I get back to Seattle I’m shooting over to a folk singer’s house to pet sit for the weekend. The house is gorgeous and the FOUR doggies are adorable. The house is on the water and connects Lake Union to Lake Washington and I get to watch the sail boats from their deck.
They even have a silly chicken coup in the back yard with six chickens and a rooster. Catching them for "bed" at night should be interesting....

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Adventurer w/o Borders said...

Earl Grey, croissants, and people watching at airports - some of my favorite things, too.

I especially like to make up stories for the people I see, like Amelie character in "Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain"